Game Stats: Ghostbusters 2016 Ghosts

This is post number 20 in the series “31 Days of Ghostbusters,” a celebration of the franchise’s return to the big screen.

What’s the first thing you do when you come home from a repeat showing of Ghostbusters? Why, turn to Ghostbusters International Chapter 6 (“Ghostology”) and figure out the game statistics for some ghosts, of course!

Here are the ghosts featured in Ghostbusters (2016), by order of appearance (as best I could remember).

Gertrude Aldridge, Class IV, basement-dwelling murderer

Power 3 Flight
Poltergeist (G)
Ectopresence 2

Goal: Escape the Basement

Sparky, Class III, electrocuted convict

Power 2 Terrorize
Ectopresence 3

Goal: Catch a Subway Car

Mayhem, Class III, theatre spirit

Power 6 Animate
Ectopresence 5

Goal: Mayhem

Slimer, Class V, nasty little spud

Power 5 Flight
Ectopresence 5

Goal: Eat, Drive, and Be Merry

Identical to Slimer’s stats except that she has 79% of his earning potential.

The Flasher, Class III, phantom pervert

Power 2 Slime
Ectopresence 2

Goal: Offend

Ghost Rat Swarm, Class VI, vaporous vermin

Power 3 Materialize
Summon Pests
Ectopresence 3

Goal: Chase the Squeamish

Parade Balloon Ghosts, Class VI, creepy 1920s Thanksgiving parade balloons
Examples include Potato Nose Pinocchio, the Strong Man, Uncle Sam, Crazy Rabid Chihuahua, and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Power 2 Flight
Ectopresence 3

Weaknesses: Sharp objects
Goal: Smother

Ghosts of Times Square Past, Class III, local historical figures
Examples include Puritan ghosts, Revolutionary War ghosts,  gangster ghosts, 1920s ghosts, G-Man ghosts, cop ghosts, 1920s ghosts, 1950s ghosts, showgirl ghosts, 1970s ghosts, and a ghost prostitute. (Thanks to IMDB for the list.)

Power 3 Slime (via slime muskets, tommy guns, pistols, or otherwise)
Ectopresence 2

Goal: Shoot Things With Slime

Rowan the Destroyer, angry loner turned Class VII Metaspecter

Brains 6 Ecto-Engineering 9
Muscles 9 Smash Building 12
Moves 5 Grab 8
Cool 3 Insult 6
Power 12 Control Mind
Creature Feature
Physical Immunity (G)
Proton Immunity (G)

Weaknesses: Can be pulled into a reversed ghost portal; vulnerable crotch
Goal: Put an End to Bullying (By Destroying the World)

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