Product Release: “Unexpected Colony”

Pinnacle Entertainment Group just released a One Sheet Adventure I wrote for their Last Parsec setting. And it’s free! Here are more details, from Pinnacle’s announcement:

How did that elephant get in my refrigerator? When did I grow extra toes? Where did that settlement come from? All three of these questions are things you don’t really expect to ask yourself, but at least one of them will come up in Unexpected Colony—the new One Sheet Adventure written by Keith Garrett for The Last Parsec

When you answer the distress call of the downed cargo ship Azimuth, you were expecting a simple rescue and recovery. When has space ever been simple? 

Like most all of our One Sheet Adventures, Unexpected Colony is good for a quick adventure, easy to expand to a larger timeline, ready to be inserted into an ongoing game, or a good spot to start a campaign. Like absolutely all of our One Sheets, it’s also free! Grab it while the bits are still fresh!

Unexpected Colony PDF

Product Release: “The Subterranean Monarch”

Hey, I wrote something for Adamant Entertainment, and it’s out now!

“The Subterranean Monarch” is a Savage Worlds supplement for Adamant’s THRILLING TALES Pulp Villains line. It features a scheming Baron, his mysterious Mantle Men, their weird equipment, and lots of adventure hooks. Eric Trautmann provided material too, and also did the layout, design, and some of the art. And since I didn’t do any of the art or layout myself, it won’t be egotistical of me to say: this thing is beautiful!

Here’s a link to the product page. It’s a 23 page PDF, and the price is $3. If you’re into the Savage Worlds RPG and you like pulp adventure, please buy it, read it, and leave a short review on the product website!

The Subterranean Monarch on RPGNow

Rippers Resurrected Has Arrived

Okay, I promise I won’t brag about EVERY gaming purchase here, but this one is such a stunning package I just have to.

Rippers Resurrected (by Pinnacle Entertainment Group) is out, and it’s beautiful. This is the product of a Kickstarter project from earlier this year. Though I never played the original Rippers, the subject matter is compelling (monster-hunters in Victorian England using the monsters’ own abilities against them) and the project details all looked great, so I bit. And did I bite! I opted for all three books (player’s guide, GM’s guide, and an expanded location book), plus the GM’s screen, plus the thematically matching dice, cards, and tokens. (I drank the Kool-aid.)

And, since most Kickstarter projects I’ve backed spread their resulting products out over a period of months or even years, I didn’t expect it all to arrive at once!

For some reason, my favorite thing about the game so far is the idea of lodges, which are hideouts that the players can create and develop as they advance. As it happens, my wife and I are planning a trip to England, and one of the country’s points of interest gave me an idea for a new Ripper lodge of my own.

Rippers Lodge: The Bath House

Rank: 4
Location: Bath, Somerset, England
Modifier: +1
Facilities: Meeting & Dining Room, Sleeping Quarters (sleeps 16). Library, Ripper Lab
Edges: Chapel, Hidden, Medical Center, Mystical Location

Designed as a sanctuary for resting and recuperating, the lodge in Bath is hidden away in the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. Rippers must enter the lodge via underground labyrinth because the whole thing is both underground and underwater. Fortunately, many visitors find the sound of dripping water soothing, and soaking in it proves to be even better.

Kickstarter Watch: Rifts for Savage Worlds

Here’s another Kickstarter project I’m backing: Rifts for Savage Worlds.

From the project description:

All that was, destroyed in atomic fire and arcane Armageddon, brought about a world full of magic and monsters, cybernetic post-humanism, and infinite potential for greatness…and disaster.

This is the terrifying and wonderful world of Rifts®. Originally released in 1990, this “anything and everything” setting features over-the-top action, super-powered heroes, and an exceptionally deep canon of content and story.

I haven’t played Rifts before (because I like something more lightweight than the original Palladium system), but I’m looking forward to trying this version. It’s got power armor, mechs, psionics, sorcerers, cyborgs, super-soldiers, and two words that tend to make Rifts players drool: “mega damage.”

Also, Pinnacle is doing their usual excellent job of adding value to the Kickstarter campaign. They’ve produced five PDFs (so far) containing content previews and Design Diary entries, and the project has cleared lots of stretch goals (33 at this moment). My favorite is the one that expands the page count of the Player’s Guide—but I’m also excited about the added bookmarks because yay bookmarks!

The Rifts for Savage Worlds Kickstarter ends on May 19.