Charitable Game Promotions

Here in the US, we’re in the 3rd week of a terrible new presidential administration. The party dominating the government is the party of discrimination, selfishness, and religion, and they’re wasting no time in working to undermine the safety and security of everyone who doesn’t look and act and think the way they do.

Fortunately, a lot of us are doing what we can to resist these hateful actions and attitudes—taking actions such as calling and writing representatives, attending marches and other protests, and donating to organizations designed to help the people and institutions that are currently jeopardized.

This latter group includes some game designers, and that’s what I want to spotlight today.

Monte Cook Games

Monte Cook Games has a sale running through Friday, February 10, that also benefits a worthy charity. The sale is 10% off everything in their online store, boosted to 48% off of any print book for The Strange RPG.

More importantly, Monte Cook Games will donate 10% of all the proceeds from the sale to the ACLU. MCG’s stated reason for this sale is that “these are indeed strange times,” and they point readers to their recently released core values statement—which extolls the virtues of inclusivity, diversity, and truthfulness.

Green Ronin Publishing

Another publisher, Green Ronin, also has a special charitable deal going on right now. Why?

“Things feel different in 2017…It’s like we’ve all moved into a darker timeline, with forces thought vanquished in WWII coming back to haunt us again while a dangerous instability affects America and the world.”

For the month of February, Green Ronin has discounted their recent Mutants & Masterminds sourcebook The Cosmic Handbook on their web store ($19.95 in print and $12.95 in PDF), and they’re donating $10 from each sale to the Union of Concerned Scientists. In addition to this, Green Ronin plans to have new sales every month to benefit additional charities.

“We will use these sales to highlight organizations doing good and important work that can help us all weather the coming days.”


It won’t surprise me if we see more charitable gaming promotions like this, and if you know of any, please let me know and I’ll do my part to publicize them here.

Are these game publishers, and I, and the millions of people protesting and marching, overreacting? I sure hope so. But either way, I’m glad we have people in our society–and our industry–who try to help people targeted by stupidity and hate.