Are You a God?

Monte Cook Games has a Kickstarter running right now for “Worlds of the Cypher System,” featuring three setting books for their Cypher System game (which I love). All three sound great, but today let’s check out the Gods of the Fall setting, by Bruce Cordell:

The old gods are dead. Burning and crumbling, the divine realm dropped from the sky and smashed into the world like a vengeful star. The earth was plunged into darkness. Hope shriveled. Life has become cheap, brutal, and short. But from the ashes of this catastrophe, you can awaken your own divine spark. Claim a dominion; declare yourself the god of War, of the Hunt, of Winter, of Fire, or of the realm of your choice. And if you can complete your divine labors, fulfill prophecy, and throw down the despots that rose in place of the fallen gods, you might redeem a world fallen into evil. You might truly become—a god!

How cool is that! You can eventually play as a god!

Now, I know you’re already thinking of the possibilities. “I could become the god of war,” you think! “Or the god of time!” What power!

Slow down there, Mr. Deity. Here’s my suggestion: Don’t aim for the top right away. It’s a lot of responsibility being, say, the god of death. One little slip-up and you might depopulate the wrong continent! So start small. Be a god in training, and roll a d20 on the tables below to see what kind of junior god you should be.

(It may turn out that your power doesn’t match your divine domain. No matter. The gods work in mysterious ways.)

You are the god of…

  1. Cookies 
  2. Crippling back pain 
  3. Déjà vu 
  4. Facial hair 
  5. Food spoilage 
  6. Goosebumps 
  7. Hangovers 
  8. Hiccups 
  9. Homonyms 
  10. Ladybugs 
  11. Nearsightedness 
  12. Odors 
  13. One night stands 
  14. Oversleeping 
  15. Profanity 
  16. Puns 
  17. Rainbows 
  18. Static electricity 
  19. Underwear 
  20. Vertigo 

Your signature godly power is…

  1. animating leaves on a windy day
  2. avoiding spoilers
  3. communicating using only your eyebrows
  4. creating “to-do” lists
  5. decreasing the calorie count in foods
  6. detecting sarcasm
  7. finding that itchy spot on a dog that makes him kick his leg
  8. healing damaged clothes
  9. leaning back in a chair and balancing it on two legs
  10. levitating balloons
  11. motivating toddlers
  12. playing both sides of “good cop / bad cop”
  13. purring like a kitten
  14. scintillating conversation 
  15. sleeping through anything
  16. speed reading
  17. spelling
  18. summoning slugs
  19. turning things purple
  20. ultrasonic yodeling

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