Edge of the Empire Profession Quotes

When she was picking out a D&D character to play from the excellent pregenerated PCs on the D&D website, my favorite player (and wife) found the character quotes to be extra helpful in getting a feel for each character. A few days later, when I mentioned wanting to start an Edge of the Empire campaign, she said she’d like to find something similar for characters in that game. We looked around and didn’t find anything like that, so I wrote the ones below, one for each profession. If you find them helpful, or you think of fun quotes of your own, let me know in the comments!

Bounty Hunter: Assassin
“Oh, you want to surrender? That’s a good one.”

Bounty Hunter: Gadgeteer
“I’m sure I can squeeze a little more power out of this thing.”

Bounty Hunter: Survivalist
“Let’s take a different path. I’m pretty sure those are rancor droppings.”

Colonist: Doctor
“It was close, but I managed to managed to patch you up. Now, let’s talk about what you owe me.”

Colonist: Politico
“Put away your blasters. I’m sure we can work this out.”

Colonist: Scholar
“Don’t trust these guys. I’ve seen those forehead markings before. These are cannibals from the Unknown Regions.”

Explorer: Fringer
“If we can make it to One-Eyed Lev’s cantina, we’ll be safe. Well, safe-ish.”

Explorer: Scout
“Womp Rat to Treehouse. Target spotted. Three walkers–correction, four walkers–inbound. Over and out.”

Explorer: Trader
“I KNOW what you sell the REGULAR customers. I want to see the special stock.”

Hired Gun: Bodyguard
“Trouble. Get behind me. All of you.”

Hired Gun: Marauder
“Nah, keep your blaster. It would only slow me down.”

Hired Gun: Mercenary Soldier
“Form up. We’ll soften them up with missile fire first.”

Smuggler: Pilot
“Hang on…things are about to get bumpy.”

Smuggler: Scoundrel
“Why are you people so jumpy? Don’t you trust me?”

Smuggler: Thief
“Hey, if they didn’t want me to have it, they should have protected it with something better than a G3-series Shock-Lock.”

Technician: Mechanic
“I KNOW the hyperdrive is smoking. Just give me one more minute with it.”

Technician: Outlaw Tech
“This won’t hurt a bit, Cee Cee. You’ll like having a built-in flame projector.”

Technician: Slicer
“I can get us past their security if you can keep those guards distracted.”

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