The Original “Ghostbusters” — Back on the Big Screen Again!

Every time Ghostbusters is showing in a local theater, and I have the chance to see it, I’m there. It was true in 1984, and it’s true again tonight. (If you miss it tonight, it may be showing near you on the June 12 second showing. It’s not showing in Memphis that day, sadly.)

I saw it the first time at the now-dearly-departed Mall of Memphis, when I was 14. I know I saw it more than once, but since I didn’t have this blog at the time I failed to keep a count. (I’m deeply sorry.)

Then I got to see it again in 2011 with my dad, when it returned amid talk about a new movie involving the original cast minus Bill Murray

…and again in 2014, for the film’s 30th anniversary, with my wife and our special little guy…

Will you be seeing it on the big screen again too? If so, where?

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