31 Days of Ghostbusters

I’ve written about Ghostbusters here a few times before, but I’m about to escalate that. The new Ghostbusters movie comes out on July 15, and to celebrate the return of the franchise to the big screen, I’m going to write a Ghostbusters-related post for every day of the month of July. That’s right, it’ll be 31 days of Ghostbusters!

I’ll aim to focus as many as possible on the roleplaying side of Ghostbusters—the original Ghostbusters roleplaying game, other similar games, resources for playing a ghostly RPG, and my own creations—but other posts will simply be about Ghostbusters. (Making this clear up front will keep me from feeling I have to end every non-gaming post with “Say, remember roleplaying games? I like roleplaying games.”)

As a sneak preview, here are a few things I expect to talk about during this series:

– The sadly-out-of-print Ghostbusters RPG from West End Games
– Ghostly music
– The new movie (duh)
– How to modernize the ghostbusting business for the 21st Century
– Setting a Ghostbusters game in your town
– Busting ghosts using other game systems

Don’t worry, I’ve got at least 25 more ideas, so I won’t run out. I just don’t want to spoil them all this early! (Having said that, I do welcome article ideas from you folks. Tell me what you’d like to see here.)

See you on July 1!

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