31 Days of Ghostbusters is Done!

31 Days of Ghostbusters is now complete! Thank you all for reading, and thanks especially to those of you who commented and shared and “liked.” In addition to writing 31 posts this month, I read 3 Ghostbusters books, bought 5 ghost dice, and saw the new movie 3 times—the final one yesterday, to celebrate being done with this thing! (I loved it, but it was a lot of work and plenty of late nights!)

Thanks also to John at Gnome Stew for running two of my posts there as well.

For the sake of completeness and easy navigation, here’s a list of all 31 posts.

Thanks again, and I hope you keep reading next week when I return to a more-or-less weekly schedule.

31 Days of Ghostbusters:

  1. Ghostbusters Begins: An Introduction to the Ghostbusters RPG
  2. Let’s Throw a Ghostbusters Party
  3. The Ghost Die
  4. Gaming Soundtracks: Ghostbusters
  5. Ectomobiles
  6. A History of the Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game
  7. Modernizing Ghostbusters
  8. Ghostbusting Apps
  9. Mortal Enemies
  10. The YOUR-TOWN Ghostbusters
  11. Gaming Soundtracks: Ghostbusters II
  12. Ghostbusters Campaigns
  13. Ghostbusters Adventure Seeds
  14. Ghostbusters: The Next Generation
  15. The New Ghostbusters Premiere
  16. Ghostbusters 2016 Impressions
  17. Ghostbusters Book Club
  18. Gaming Soundtracks: Ghostbusters 2016 Score
  19. Game Stats: The New Ghostbusters
  20. Game Stats: Ghostbusters 2016 Ghosts
  21. Adventure: Disco Inferno
  22. Game Stats: Ghostbusters 2016 Equipment
  23. New Goals For Ghostbusters
  24. Metaspectres
  25. Gaming Soundtracks: Ghostbusters 2016
  26. Secret Tomes of Occult Lore
  27. Ghostbusters RPG Resources
  28. Cypher System Ghostbusters
  29. Rolling a Ghost: Equipment Mishap Tables
  30. Crossing the Streams
  31. Ghosts in Other Games

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