Product Release: “Project Infinite Hole” for Paranoia

Project Infinite Hole

Available in print now! I was part of the writing team on this massive Paranoia sourcebox, and now you can experience our R&D gadgets, NPCs, weapons, armor, GM advice, and multiple adventures (including one and a half by me!).

From the Mongoose Publishing product page:

Troubleshooters! Do you like weird, risky experiments? (Yes!) Do you like testing devices that could leave behind a smoking crater if you use it wrong? (Uh, yes?) Do you like taking the blame for design mistakes, production errors, structural damage and enough deaths that genocide-ish is now a term? (Can I say anything other than yes? Ah, that laser pistol answered my question. Very yes!)

Project Infinite Hole brings the wonder, broken laws of physics and lapse safety standards of Research & Design back to Paranoia! Instead of simply sending Troubleshooters to their much-deserved deaths, you can also send experimental devices with them that help their much-deserved deaths happen more often! Inside, you will find:

The Happy Testing Catalogue: New Paranoia GMs will see 40 new experimental devices such as Fluffy Safety Armour and the Jaws of Death. Experienced Paranoia GMs will see many splendid ways to make players weep. With joy? Sure, why not.  

The GM R&D Service Book: Several fine articles explaining how to use R&D in your missions that definitely are not filler so we could charge more for this sourcebox. Need an NPC? Here they are! Need a Research & Design room? We got those! Need a way to help Troubleshooters survive? Sorry, fresh out.

The R&D Mission Book: But what about those lazy GMs who want the work done for them? If they can put the imitation cheese-powdered snacks down long enough, they will find two full missions that start the Project Infinite Hole campaign! Oh, and there’s a black hole destroying all you know and love (In the missions, not this sourcebox. Apparently, governments frown on selling singularities in cardboard boxes.)

The R&D Deck: You want cards? Tough, here are 120 of ‘em, ready to be handed out to players who think they’re all clever. Watch their faces go from devilish glee to abject fright as they realise how the device can backfire. Literally.

R&D stands for many things: Rebar & Dust, Radiation & Debacles or even Rannygazoo & Deprehend. (What? Famous Game Designers have good vocabularies.) But mostly, it stands for one of the most infamous Alpha Complex service groups: Research & Design. With this sourcebox, GMs have everything needed to bring R&D back into the Troubleshooters’ lives. Yes, they will be grateful – or they get to test the Angry Beebots again.

Paranoia: Project Infinite Hole is available now in print or PDF.

Product Release: “Mutants in Toylands” for Mutant Crawl Classics

My first Mutant Crawl Classics adventure is now on sale! It’s a zero-level funnel published by Purple Duck Games. Here’s the sales pitch:

Well hey there, kids! I’m Sammy Squirrel! Gosh, it feels like I’ve slept for ages! Now that I’m awake again, I hope you’ll come on down and check out Sammy Squirrel’s Smart Toys! And by “down” I mean underground, through this mysterious hole! Because my toy store has been buried for centuries, and all the fun down here is just aching to get out again! We’ve got toys that talk, and toys that hug, and toys that sound so pleasant that you’ll want to do whatever they say! We’ve even got toys that fight! Ha ha!

My Smart Toys are fun for kids of all ages. Why, you might even run into our youngest customer! And here at Sammy’s, we don’t mind at all if you have an extra arm or two or you have roots for feet or you’re not quite housebroken. All kids are welcome, so long as you like having fun!

Sure, I’ll admit that my store has seen better days. Some of the lights flicker, and a few walls have fallen down, and then there’s that problem we have with some of the toys trying to murder people. But better days are coming, and lately we’ve been attracting customers from far away. Far away indeed.

So come on down. You know you want to. Come see the place where Sammy brings toys to life…

Buy Mutants in Toyland from RPGNow in print or PDF.

Product Release: The Gods Have Spoken

Hey, I contributed to another RPG book, and now that it’s out I figured I should tell you about it.

Dread Unicorn Games (led by the invincible John WS Marvin) just released the digital edition of a 5E sourcebook called The Gods Have Spoken. It’s a book of gods and divine-related content for D&D, written by John WS Marvin, Vanessa Rose Phin, Connor Marvin, Matt Evert, Sean Clark, and me!

Here’s the product description:

Twenty-eight new fantasy gods arranged in three new Pantheons for your 5E game. Gods with passions, backstories, and agendas. So much more than a list of names and domains. 

The people who followed the Old Gods was conquered by the those that followed the Thirsty Gods, who in turn were displaced by those following the Bright Gods. Yet all three pantheons still have followers, and coexist in an uneasy peace. 

New domains and other character options that work with these new gods, some for everyone, and others focusing on clerics, druids, paladins, and rangers. And new magic items, new creatures, and more! 

Plus, an exciting new faction system that gives players a voice as to which factions take a hand in your campaign.

A print edition is coming soon, in hardcover and softcover. You can read more about the book at its Kickstarter page.

(Thanks John!)

The Gods Have Spoken [DriveThruRPG]

Product Release: “Unexpected Colony”

Pinnacle Entertainment Group just released a One Sheet Adventure I wrote for their Last Parsec setting. And it’s free! Here are more details, from Pinnacle’s announcement:

How did that elephant get in my refrigerator? When did I grow extra toes? Where did that settlement come from? All three of these questions are things you don’t really expect to ask yourself, but at least one of them will come up in Unexpected Colony—the new One Sheet Adventure written by Keith Garrett for The Last Parsec

When you answer the distress call of the downed cargo ship Azimuth, you were expecting a simple rescue and recovery. When has space ever been simple? 

Like most all of our One Sheet Adventures, Unexpected Colony is good for a quick adventure, easy to expand to a larger timeline, ready to be inserted into an ongoing game, or a good spot to start a campaign. Like absolutely all of our One Sheets, it’s also free! Grab it while the bits are still fresh!

Unexpected Colony PDF

Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016

I contributed to a community RPG project last year, and now that it’s available to the public, I can tell you where to find it!

The Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016 is a fanzine-style publication for (and by) fans of the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. All the writing, artwork, layout, and editing was done by members of the DCC RPG Google+ Community. This is the second year the team has done this; last year’s Almanac spanned six volumes, and this year we pushed forward to eight.

In addition to editing, I wrote three pieces for the Almanac this year. They are: Random Tavern Generator (Volume 1), Fantasy Food Generator (also Volume 1), and d50 Fantasy Foods (Volume 8).

You can download all volumes of Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2016 from the community’s Google Drive links below. If you want to order the Almanac in print, you can get the whole shebang in one volume from Lulu (pricing is at-cost, simply covering materials and shipping).

Volume 1: Men, Magic & Drink
Volume 2: Patrons & Gods
Volume 3: Monsters & Treasure
Volume 4: Complete Adventures
Volume 5: Drop-in Adventures
Volume 6: Crawljammer & Interdimensional Travel
Volume 7: Tables & Tools Part I
Volume 8: Tables & Tools Part II
All 8 Volumes In One PDF

The 2015 Gongfarmer’s Almanac is also still available, both in print and PDF. (Here are the PDFs for Volumes 1-5, and here’s the one for Volume 6.)