Product Release: “The Subterranean Monarch”

Hey, I wrote something for Adamant Entertainment, and it’s out now!

“The Subterranean Monarch” is a Savage Worlds supplement for Adamant’s THRILLING TALES Pulp Villains line. It features a scheming Baron, his mysterious Mantle Men, their weird equipment, and lots of adventure hooks. Eric Trautmann provided material too, and also did the layout, design, and some of the art. And since I didn’t do any of the art or layout myself, it won’t be egotistical of me to say: this thing is beautiful!

Here’s a link to the product page. It’s a 23 page PDF, and the price is $3. If you’re into the Savage Worlds RPG and you like pulp adventure, please buy it, read it, and leave a short review on the product website!

The Subterranean Monarch on RPGNow

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