Smuggled Goods Table For Edge of the Empire

By heydrienne (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

While running Edge of the Empire last night, I wished I had some tables like the ones that come with Savage Rifts—the ones that let you generate an adventure on the fly. Specifically, what I wanted in our session was a list of commonly smuggled items, because the players wanted to pick up a quick job.

(I borrowed “counterfeit foodstuffs” from Lords of Nal Hutta, because I found the term entertaining and wanted to see how my players interpreted it. Collectively, we decided that the cargo would be wax fruit, on its way to be sold for school lunches.)

Here’s a table I put together to use next time. I didn’t see anything that exactly suited my needs online, though the community support for this game is outstanding and it wouldn’t surprise me if someone has done this already. Also, I don’t own the smuggler book yet, so something useful might be in there. (If so, let me know!)

Smuggled Goods Table

d10 Commodity Recommended subtype (d4)
1-2 Stolen goods (1) artwork, (2) documents, (3) data, (4) artifacts
3-4 Counterfeit goods (1) clothing (2) high-tech items (3) luxury items (4) foodstuffs
5 Technology (1) droids/droid parts, (2) ship parts, (3) cybernetics, (4) other restricted tech (e.g. comms, cloaking tech, lightsabers
6 Weapons (1) archaic personal, (2) modern personal, (3) vehicle-mounted, (4) ship-mounted
7 Drugs (1) spice, (2) hallucinogens, (3) death sticks, (4) potent beverages
8 Biological cargo (1) bacterial agents, (2) animal parts, (3) live animals, (4) live plants
9 Medical items (1) medication, (2) bacta, (3) replacement parts (cybernetic or organic), (4) poison
10 Exotic (1) slaves, (2) captive(s), (3) hazardous materials, (4) something really weird (e.g. alien babies, sentient gases, transdimensional contraceptives)

If you have anything you’d like to add to this table, let me know in the comments!

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