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This is post number 2 in the series “30 Days of Tales from the Loop,” a celebration of the game set in an 80s that never was.

Although the game is new, it already has a respectable amount of online support available. Here are some of the things I’ve found so far.

Free League’s Tales from the Loop website. This is the official site for the game. It includes a nice Downloads section with the character sheet, maps of the setting, and maps for all the adventures in the book.

Modiphius’s Tales from the Loop website. Modiphius Entertainment is the co-publisher of the game, and their site has more info about the it, as well as a few introductory videos. More importantly, this is where you can buy the book, dice, GM screen, and more.

Free League’s Tales from the Loop forums. The link is to the English version, which is broken into three sections: Rules, Setting, and Scenarios. I find it interesting that the most-used section is the one for Setting.

Tales from the Loop Facebook group. With 250+ members as of this week, the unofficial Facebook group skews toward Swedish postings, but even non-Swedish-speakers like myself can get a lot out of the posts thanks to Facebook’s translator. The group features artwork and photo inspiration; links to streaming play sessions; music recommendations; and lots of 80s nostalgia (Swedish and otherwise). I wanted to mention two specific resources that members have posted in this group:

Tales from the Loop RPG Google+ group. Currently at 180+ members, the unofficial G+ group doesn’t feature as many Swedes, but don’t hold that against them. Here you’ll find actual play reports; links to streaming games; artwork by Simon Stålenhag;  other inspirational images; rules Q&A; and more 80s nostalgia. (Which also serve as adventure seeds!) This group also curates a list of resource links that I haven’t mentioned here. My favorite resource so far is Kane Cathain’s fan-made player reference sheet.

Tales from the Loop Reddit community. Features mystery ideas, session reports, and rules Q&A. (I’m not much of a Redditor, so that’s all I know!)

Simon Stålenhag Resources. The man who started it all is active online, and here are some places you can find him and his work:

Free League’s Twitter. This is full of photos both official and fan-submitted, as well as tweets about the game.

Lost and Forgotten Worlds podcast. This is the first podcast I’ve found that features actual-play sessions of Tales from the Loop. They recently posted the fifth episode of their ongoing Tales from the Loop story.

Did I miss anything? If you know of other noteworthy resources for the game, please let me know in the comments.

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