Kids’ Guide to 80s Slang

This is post number 3 in the series “30 Days of Tales from the Loop,” a celebration of the game set in an 80s that never was.

Even players who grew up in the 80s could probably use a refresher course in period slang. Let this be your guide to sprinkling your Kid’s dialogue with colorful phrases. I’ve provided Tales from the Loop-appropriate examples for each entry.

  • 411 – Information; 411 was the number for telephone directory assistance in the US. “We’ve gotta get the 411 about sasquatch feeding habits before our new buddy decides to eat US!”
  • As if! – No way. “You? A computer genius? As if!”
  • Awesome – Something exceptionally good. “You should have seen the explosion! It was awesome!”
  • Bad – Something especially cool. “I gotta get some Ray-Bans like those. They’re so bad!”
  • Bag Your Face – I suggest you put a bag over your face, either because you are unattractive or I wish you’d shut up. “Bag your face, Tina! If I say I saw an alien, then I saw an alien!”
  • Barf Me Out – That totally disgusts me. “Did you see what was left of that cow? Barf me out!”
  • Bodacious – Extremely attractive. “So what if she’s a robot? She’s still totally bodacious.”
  • Bogus – Extra bad. “Homework on a Friday? That’s so bogus!”
  • Book / Book It – To flee. “Here come the clones again. Let’s book it!”
  • Bitchin’ – Superb. “So our school got flung into another dimension? Bitchin’!”
  • Cool Beans – Cool. “You like comic books, too? Cool beans!”
  • Don’t Have a Cow – Remain calm. “Don’t have a cow, Mom. It’s just a little blood.”
  • Dweeb – Someone uncool. “I know Johnny’s a dweeb, but who else do we know that can translate this Latin spell?”
  • Eat My Shorts – An insult. “Haha! Eat my shorts, robot!”
  • Fer Sure – Absolutely. “Will I go to the dance with you? Fer sure!”
  • Gag Me With a Spoon – You’re being disgusting. “Oh, gag me with a spoon! If I see another one of those hairy purple bugs I’m gonna barf!”
  • Get Bent – Go away / leave me alone. “Get bent, Steve. Can’t you see Mary’s upset?”
  • Gnarly – Superb. “I’ve never seen such a gnarly bike!”
  • Grody / Grody to the Max – Disgusting. “Dude, it pulled his arm right off. It was grody to the max!”
  • Gross Me Out the Door – You’re being extra disgusting. “Stop telling me about the arm! Gross me out the door!”
  • I’m So Sure – Expression of sarcastic disbelief. “A girlfriend? Todd? I’m so sure.”
  • Later Days – See you later. “I’ll meet you back at the hideout. Later days.”
  • Like – Wildcard. “That was, like, the deepest underground I’ve ever been.”
  • Most Triumphant – Impressive. “Did you see how Bernie outsmarted that T-Rex? It was most triumphant!”
  • No Duh – Obviously. “Oh, you think he’ll notice his gun is missing? Like, no duh! But we have to take it!”
  • Omigod – A run-together exclamation to a higher power. “Like, omigod, where did you get that metal hand?”
  • Psych – Reversal of what was just said. “Sure, Cindy, you can tag along with us. We’d love to have a 6-year-old slowing us down. Psych!”
  • Radical – Extremely cool. “Radical! It’s a time portal!”
  • Righteous – Amazingly cool. “I don’t know what that pill did to you, Jenny, but those are some righteous wings.”
  • Stoked – Very excited. “This is proof of psychic phenomena! And just in time for my science project! I’m so stoked!”
  • Take A Chill Pill / Chill Out / Chill – Calm down. “Take a chill pill, Mrs. Cook! We were only borrowing the Necronomicon!”
  • Totally – Exceedingly or absolutely. “We are TOTALLY going to flunk the math test if we don’t get away from this cult before school starts.”
  • Tubular – Excellent, cool, or otherwise rad. “These hoverboards are totally tubular!”
  • What’s Your Damage? – What’s wrong with you? “You tore apart my boom box to make some weird contraption? What’s your damage, you little dweeb?”
  • Wicked – Excellent. “I just had a wicked idea! Let’s send our clones to school while we hit the arcade!”

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